As experienced lawyers, we are very aware of the need to demonstrate constant agility in day-to-day practice so as to provide timely responses to our clients' sollicitations, which are proving more and more demanding for the former, and more and more complex for the latter. That is why we conceived Backstage Avocats, a new generation law firm devoted to serving fellow lawyers. Offering you the support of a trustworthy team complementing your own, Backstage Avocats is prepared to assist you, either occasionally or an a regular basis, according to your needs:

  Support your team in time of heavy workload,

  Provide additional expertise with regard to French legal matters.

Backstage Avocats is exclusively dedicated to law firms and supports you in delivering the desired outcomes to your clients. You retain full control over your missions, Backstage Avocats remains invisible to your client unless specified otherwise.

Backstage Avocats assists you in the field of French business law: company law, commercial law, employment law, real estate law, finance law and tax law.


Backstage Avocats